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How do I Protect my Hair this Winter? #BlackAfricanSpeaks

We’re not even going to mess around here. The answer is simple: Jamaican Castor oil. So instead of writing down where it comes from, we’re here to outline the benefits of it.   Moisturises your hair The rich nutrients in Jamaican black castor oil (some of them being vitamin E and omega-6 and omega-9 fatty […]

I’m in my 30’s and still get acne

Adult acne is the worst. Just when you think that you’re free from all the specialised products that helped you control your acne when you were a teenager, they pop up just before a job interview, or in the worst of situations. Acne occurs frequently after the teenage years and at significantly higher rates in […]

Caffeine and your Cellulite

Just like stretch marks, cellulite is extremely embarrassing. You can’t wear short pants and you spend lots of time looking for remedies online. You might have heard of coffee scrubs and that everyone is applying them on cellulite to get rid of them but you’re not about to finish your morning coffee on your body. […]

3 interesting facts about stretchmarks

Stretch marks are one of those things that many women feel super self-conscious about. They seem to come from no where, yet we spend a lot of our time obsessing about it. If you want to know more about your “tiger skin”, then you need to read on. What causes stretch marks? Your skin has […]

Spoil Mom with Black African Organics

Words cannot express the gratitude that your Mom deserves for all that she has done for us throughout the years. We, as Black Africans, appreciate and love all the mothers in our land. That’s why one lucky person will win a pamper package that was personally chosen by our Co-Founder and Africologist, Ndo. Go to […]

Power Product for the month: African Black Soap

African black soap is made in Ghana from the ashes of locally harvested plants and barks such a plantain, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves, and Shea tree bark, water and various oils like palm oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil and also Shea butter and cocoa pod powder. What does it do to my skin? […]

Why do I have dark spots on my face?

Most of us left our teenage years and thought we left our acne days with them but we’re now far into our adult lives and still have acne breakouts. Whether it’s one pimple every couple of months or a full breakout, adult acne leaves us feeling self-conscious and we land up buying every product available […]

5 Reason to Stay Natural

So many women are reverting back to their roots and going natural. The natural hair movement embraces black hair that is free from extensions, wigs or straightening chemicals. Everywhere you look there are more and more women embracing their natural hair. Even on Hollywood’s red carpet, what used to be battle of the weaves is […]