I’m in my 30’s and still get acne

Adult acne is the worst.

Just when you think that you’re free from all the specialised products that helped you control your acne when you were a teenager, they pop up just before a job interview, or in the worst of situations.

Acne occurs frequently after the teenage years and at significantly higher rates in women compared with men.

How do we get it?

The Simplest way to explain how acne occurs: Your pores get clogged by oil, skin cells, and bacteria. Black women in particular are more prone to getting acne because of our oily skin. Before you think that our oily skins is the worst, please do note that it is this reason that black skin stays younger for longer.

Another factor that may explain the prevalence of adult acne in women? Hormones — in particular, the kind of hormonal fluctuation that accompanies the menstrual cycle. As your period approaches, estrogen levels in the body dip, leaving your testosterone levels unchecked. Since testosterone can increase up your skin’s oil production, that also means a higher chance of clogged pores and big, angry pimples.

There is good news

Before you think you’re cursed to a life of buying expensive treatments that take up half your life, you can get into regiments that can help control acne, especially when it is really invasive. The first thing is to avoid cover-up. When you can feel that lump under your skin, don’t try and avoid it and cover it with make up. You’re further blocking the pores and can make it worse. Rather, stick to a routine that will help your skin: Wash with an antibaterial soap that has the properties to effectively dry your skin. Then make sure you have a moisturiser that will not leave your skin feeling oily or something that has a strong fragrance because your skin will react to it.

The Black African Way

As you know, our products are chemical and paraben free. Our goal has been to create a brand that harnesses the goodness of nature and puts it in an easy-to-use form that we can all use. The 3 in 1 restore combo has all of that for acne-prone skin. The African Black Soap has antibacterial properties to properly cleanse the skin and leaves the skin dry, which is perfect for drying out those stubborn acne spots. Then the shea body butter is there to leave the skin adequately moisturised but not oily. We’ve added in the moisturising lip balm as the cherry on top of a flawless face!

You can get it delivered to your door by ordering from our online store: https://www.blackafrican.co.za/product/3-in-1-skin-restore-combo/

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