Still on the fence about using a Satin Bonnet?

Every woman or girl, regardless of your hair type and texture (natural or relaxed hair), should be wearing a satin bonnet at night. Rubbing your hair against a cotton pillowcase during the night creates tension, absorbs moisture out of your hair and creates a perfect opportunity for breakage. Wearing a satin bonnet protects your hair from moisture-absorbing cotton pillowcases while you sleep

Read on while we tell you why a high-quality satin bonnet is one of the best investments you can make for your hair.


Cotton (the primary material in many of the sheets and pillowcases most people sleep on) is wonderful for sleeping, as it allows skin to breathe and doesn’t trap heat. However, those same characteristics can be disastrous for hair, absorbing the very moisture your hair needs to stay supple and moisturized. And dry hair is more susceptible to breakage, which is not great for your hair. Satin doesn’t absorb moisture at all, leaving your hair’s moisture barrier intact.


Whether you’re trying to grow out your hair or just maintain the length you have, letting your hair rub against a rough cotton pillowcase all night long is a recipe for hair breakage. Not only does cotton absorb your hair’s moisture, it also rubs against your hair cuticle, roughing it up and potentially causing your strands to tear and break over time. Satin slides over the hair cuticle, keeping it nice and smooth. Side benefit: a great satin bonnet will also reduce hair frizz, keeping curls coily and straight hairstyles smooth.


How on earth can a satin bonnet help you save money on your hair? By reducing the amount of hair products, you need to style and maintain your hair. If you are not adequately protecting your hair at night, much of the product you use is being washed away in the weekly laundry. Satin bonnets don’t absorb hair products, unlike a cotton pillowcase, meaning you’ll need less to style your hair each morning (if any).  This allows you to go longer before having to replace your favorite hair moisturizer/oil.


Many women would love to stretch out the time between hair wash days, and if you’re one of them, you need to add a satin bonnet to your nighttime routine, straightaway. A great quality satin bonnet, will stay on all night, keeping hair hydrated and smooth, allowing you to extend your wash schedule by days on end. Even straight hair can extend a blow-out or silk press by days, allowing you to go longer between salon visits.


These are just some of the many benefits of using a  satin bonnets for curly, natural, or even straight hair. Ready to add one your nightly routine?

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