Why is my hair losing volume? #BlackAfricanSpeaks

These days, it’s never about the length but it’s all about the volume. Many women aren’t bothered about how long their hair is. That is a job we will leave for the weaves, wigs and braids (WWB). Underneath the WWB lies what God gave us: natural, makoya hair. We often hide it so much that we don’t embrace how beautiful it is. Now is the time!

A re ke re u bolelle why your hair is thinning:

  • Just like all the good things are in our hands, your hair’s health is also in your hands! If you have abused your hair in the past by chemical treatments, no oiling etc. then your hair might be reacting to the abuses made
  • Not eating a healthy diet or eating a unhealthy diet is also one of the major reasons for hair loss
  • Stress literally affects every organ in your body! Stress also leads to bad hair fall
  • Certain health issues might trigger hair loss
  • Over dryness can also lead to thinning hair
  • Hormonal changes can majorly contribute to hair fall, that is why most women experience crazy hair fall after pregnancy

At home, treat your scalp as you would your face, and focus on massage

Here’s how you can gain back the lost hair volume:

  • First things first, if you are going to constantly abuse your hair by the multiple chemical treatments in the market; please stop reading here. You have got to stop abusing your hair and start respecting the natural form of hair your body has gifted you. Any form of chemical treatment damages your hair and no shampoo or conditioner can get your lost hair volume back.
  • Start with oiling your hair at least once a week, this will strengthen your scalp and hair follicles. A great Castor oil like ours is the best for treating your scalp!
  • Use a mild shampoo like a natural one, to wash your hair.
  • Always wash your hair with Luke warm water, as hot water can break your hair follicles
  • Ensure you take at least 8 hours of sleep for better over all health

Manje, here’s BlackAfrican’s way:

Introducing the Curl enhancing treatment mask

Anybody with curly hair realizes that nothing rehydrates hair and scalp like a deep conditioning treatment. To ensure your hair is healthy looking, shiny and wonderful, either regularly or for a special event, attempt curl enhancing treatment mask.

This is an incredible item to use on normal, relaxed and transitioning hair.

  • Promotes hair growth
  • Heals damaged scalp
  • Treats a dry, flaky scalp, and soothes scalp irritations.
  • Smoothens split ends
  • Adds volume and shine to dull, lifeless hair
  • protects hair against the breakage while replenishing lost oils
  • Softens locks making them smooth and easy to manage.

The curl enhancing treatment mask is the perfect partner for the girls that have to curl their hair often.

You can buy yours here: https://www.blackafrican.co.za/product/curl-enhancing-treatment-mask/

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