3 steps to healthy hair without breaking your budget

Hair, hair, hair. It’s all about hair and it all makes sense because our hair is our crown. We get judged by it, we get envied about it so in most cases we can spend a fortune on it and still not be happy about it. We’ve heard storied from our mothers how to perfect your hair and from their mothers and until this day, we’re trying to find the perfect formula. Not only does this blog post include all 3 critical tips, but it also applies to all our sisters from the relaxed hair to natural and everything in between who love their crown and want it to shine for as long as possible.

  1. Cleanse

This is more than a simple wash. You know that refreshed feeling you have after washing your hair? Making that feeling last as long as you can is the cleansing aspect. Whatever your hair haircare regime is has to incorporate both a shampoo, treatment mask and base on your scalp that doesn’t damage your hair. The base can’t be so oily that it forms a layer on your head that eventually is greasy.

  1. Moisturise

Speaking of greasy, this step is where everyone gets it wrong. Ethnic hair, whether relaxed or natural does not need to have oil dripping off it or leave a big greasy mark if you dare to lay your head somewhere. Yes, you know what I’m talking about. Remember getting in a taxi and you look on the window and see that giant round mark on the window? That is the person I am talking about who took moisturising too seriously. Our goal here is to find a combination of products that are strong enough to last a long time but do not make it impossible to rest our heads anywhere.

  1. Protect

The last step should be the least maintenance because moisturising should have done all the work for you. It should be a simple spray 3 times a week or more depending on what you prefer. Your hair care range should protect your hair against dust and the sun but also promote hair growth. It does sound like a lot but it is possible to find all that without needing to rob a bank.


While those 3 steps may look simple, most of us have probably been following them with no success. Either our hair is too brittle and breaks off as the comb runs through it, or our scalp looks like you decided to sprinkle salt on it, very generously. Luckily, our Hair guru Ndo saw this problem and used her own hair for experiments and developed the deluxe hair care kit that consist of 5 premium products. Each of these products have a multi-effect for example, the Jamaican castor oil not only moisturises your dry scalp but its pure properties have a cleansing effect on your scalp too. When you apply the hair detangling spray, coats each strand of hair therefore moisturising it and protecting it from losing anymore moisture.

Remember this for your mother and your mother’s mother who have been looking for this powerful combination of products way longer than you.

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Always remember to let your crown shine bright.

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