01. Who Are We?

Mondli and Ndo are entrepreneurial sweethearts that built the incredible brand Black African organics from the ground-up. Married with 2 kids, they understand that parents only want the best when it comes to caring for their family. However, in a market filled with toxic beauty products, it can be challenging for parents to find products that are not only suitable for every family member but also suitable for young and sensitive skin of children without the expensive price tag. It is even more difficult when it comes to finding products that will suit African skin and hair types.

With this profound knowledge and understanding, Mondli and Ndo were inspired to create a brand that will cater to every family need without compromising price and quality. Through Black African Organics, you can proudly embrace your natural appearance knowing that your skin and hair will be loved and cared for. With a humble beginning of creating products from scratch from their cozy home, the couple is confident that you will enjoy and appreciate all the hard work that has gone into these beautiful products.

02. Our Founders

Mondli Magwaza

Mondli Magwaza is the brains behind Black African Organics. He is a leading business growth speaker with over 15 years of expertise helping small businesses find their way through intensive consultations. Through his extensive experience in business, Mondli ensures that Black African Organics customers get the best deal with their money on personal care products that are of the highest quality without compromising their health.

Ndo Magwaza

As an Operations Manager, Ndo founded Black African Organics with her husband Mondli. As a strong and independent woman, she is passionate about embracing one’s natural self. Behind the scenes of Black African Organics, she ensures that the whole business is running smoothly while also empowering women to make educated choices when it comes to choosing personal care products through her informative blogs.

Mondli Magwaza

Director | Business Manager

Ndo Magwaza

Director | Operations Manager

03. Our Brand

Black African Organics was established in 2013 to encourage African women to embrace their natural self and feel comfortable in their own skin. The brand celebrates the true beauty of being oneself and strongly defies society’s standards of beauty. The brand believes that an individual defines their own beauty by being the best version of themselves inside and out.

We understand that it is extremely important to love one’s skin and take good care of it as it plays a major part in boosting self-confidence for most people. To help with this mission, Black African Organics was created as a comprehensive range of personal care products that are made with the best of Africa’s natural skin-loving ingredients, without the nasty chemicals.

Black African Organics offers great value that fills the gap in the beauty market for organic personal care products. Most companies that sell natural beauty products are still using some toxic ingredients that are hidden down the ingredient list. In comparison, Black African Organics products do not use any of the common toxic ingredients found in personal products so consumers can rest assured knowing that they are not putting any toxic chemicals or ingredients on their skin. In addition, our skincare products are formulated with super-ingredients such as natural plant extracts that are packed full of vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Equipped with these high standards, the brand believes that it offers incredible value to today’s consumers searching for a natural personal care product range in the market.

04. Our Values

Black African Organics is built with three foundational pillars that we place a high value upon. These three values embody everything we stand for and are sprinkled in every product we make. As a proud African brand, we are honored to have these values represent who we are and what we believe in.

Being Naturally Confident

Black African Organics believe that no woman should have to change her natural appearance to conform to arbitrary beauty standards. All hair types and textures are equally gorgeous, and our products reflect your natural self and complement your style statement. Define your style the way you like it with our range of different textures!

Excellence in Quality

We appreciate that women should never compromise on quality while expressing themselves. We understand that there is a dearth of quality products for different hair types and skin textures and we are here to solve that problem. Our quality and variety ensure that all textures and hair types are catered to.

Designed for You

Our expertise lies in putting your requirements first. Our products are designed to provide you with the utmost comfort and style more than anything else. If you are satisfied, so are we!

05. Why Choose Black African Organics?

Black African Organics recognizes the needs of African women when it comes to achieving and maintaining their beauty. We appreciate that as a modern African woman, you need products that are formulated with maximum effectiveness on African skin and hair type which can be difficult to care for without the right products. You need a personal care range that not only works but is also of the best standards, made with premium ingredients that won’t harm your health.

What makes us stand out from our competitors is that our products are purely organic and are specially designed with you in mind. We understand that no skins and hairs are the same, and that is why we have created Black African Organics to care for a range of different African skin and hair types. We have confidence that our brand will preserve the African legacy through trusted tradition methods of production and bring the world’s commendation to mama Africa.

We also aim to inspire African women to accept that beauty that is pure and all-inclusive. Our brand is designed to portray how true African beauty can be from skin to soul, giving you the feel of an African woman. At Black African Organics, when we think beauty, we think you, we think Africa!